a.point.design, inc.was established on November 16 th, 2001 in a 10’x10’ room in Charlestown, MA with Alfred Emsig, Jack Joseph and Richard Boccelli Jr. as partners. We each had a small desk in a corner of the room and made phone calls to family, friends and our networks telling of our plans to create a diverse Architecture & Planning firm focusing on project team building, client relations and serving the end users of each unique project. We were blessed with rapid growth due to the trust clients had in our skills and teamwork. Our office team grew and our office space expanded. We had wonderful projects including the Nantucket Whaling Museum, Garden Street Lofts, Phillips Candy House and Ristorante Molise. Our staff was quite diverse in skills and personalities. We had great times both in business hours and after business hours.

After a few years, I realized that I was losing my passion and love for Architecture and Planning by way of being a business owner and operations manager of a.point.design. I was running a business while Architecture and Planning was happening all around me by the rest of the a.point team. I determined it was time to take the next step with a.point.design and my career. I began a 6 month process of downsizing a.point, buying out Alfred and Jack all while continuing to nurture clients and projects for the next phase of a.point.design.

I’d like to acknowledge the following contributors to making a.pd.1.0 a success: Al Emsig, Jack Joseph, Martin Sokoloff, Kerri-Ann O’Brien, Jon Ramos, Shaun Mackell, Andrew Bennett, Al Weisz, Milton Yu, Tunde Agunbiade, Jason Herzog, Benjamin Tivey & Jeremy Gagne.


September 2005 was the start of a.pd.2.0 in Wilmington, MA with a renewed business plan. The new plan added the next step in my professional career. I truly enjoy the process of development for a project, from pre-design site planning, test fits, negotiations, planning the Architecture & Engineering team and working with the entire development team throughout the entire process as the project manager to produce the best solution for the owners and end users. a.point had an increase in two specific project types: commercial tenant spaces and private residences. I also teamed with developers and attorneys and we began developing condo conversions together. This was a time of increased bank funding for property conversions and a.point worked with a number of developers in conversions of apartments and alternate use buildings to condos.

Clients, consultants and end users began recognizing the success of a.point and the process of the projects. Being involved as the project manager from the onset of the idea helped the project be more than successful, in team work, the overall process as well as project cost.

I then realized I could take one more step in being more successful and profitable as a business.


September 2007 I moved my business out of a commercial office space into a home office. a.p.d.3.0 provided me with the opportunity to reduce overhead costs while working out of my home office and giving my clients an even greater attention to each project by being available at an on call basis. This step has helped projects reduce their length of time by managing tasks and responses more quickly. a.p.d.3.0 also saw a partnership with developers and construction managers in property development of residential buildings. We also continued to have an increase in commercial tenant designs as well as private residences.

My passion for Architecture and Planning is great today. My current business plan and model is very effective and successful. a.point.design is the owners project manager and representative managing the entire project process and team. My personal role of project manager remains constant on every project. I typically create the conceptual vision and design direction for each project as well; however each project is unique and is prepared with a team based on scope, scale and schedule. I am available to all clients at an ‘on call’ basis and respond with solutions to challenges quickly. The primary contributors to the a.p.d.3.0 team have worked together on many successful projects and I am blessed to have a great team and wonderful clients.

a.p.d.4.0…and beyond

I am looking to create a strong a.point.design brand in and around Danvers, MA. I was born in Danvers and I’m delighted to be part of the business and personal community. I am interested in more single family custom residential design projects as well as growing our commercial tenant design portfolio.

I look forward to what the future has for a.point.design and our team.

Richard S. Boccelli Jr., Principal


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